Investigate Selecting Opponents In Playing Cockfighting S128

Investigate Selecting Opponents In Playing Cockfighting S128

Investigate Selecting Opponents In Playing Cockfighting S128

Investigate Selecting Opponents In Playing Cockfighting S128 – After going through several stages of the process in screening, we are finally able to complete the article we have collected with data from trusted sources regarding the strategy of choosing an opponent in the game of cockfighting s128.

Taking care of the fighting cocks as best as possible is of course with the hope that the fighting cocks can be a winner when fighting in the cockfighting arena. In addition, the winning factor of fighting cocks when fighting depends on the chicken opponent itself. Therefore, for those of you who like to play cockfighting, you must be careful not to let the chicken you raise will end up in defeat.

If you are wrong in choosing your opponent, as we often see in matches, there are many mistakes in choosing your opponent, including a match between chickens that are too far apart in age and there is also a chicken without spurs coupled with a chicken with spurs and besides that There are also many mistakes that often occur in this arena.

A striking difference between sparring opponents will cause the rooster to suffer even more because the chicken cannot maximize its performance, therefore in choosing a competitor it must be a balanced chicken both in body size / weight, waist size, spur size and age must be the same.

Even if forced, because the opponent who is partnered with is only that, in choosing an opponent who is collaborated, you should choose an opponent who is only slightly different from your chicken, don’t be too striking the difference because not all chickens that can win a match if they experience a losing team.

In choosing the right match opponent, victory will be achieved easily, especially if you already know the character of the opponent’s chicken. But what if you don’t know the character of the opponent’s chicken? To find your opponent if you don’t know the character of the opponent’s chicken, you can also predict the character of the opponent’s chicken by looking at the physical form of the chicken, even though there is no guarantee up to 100%, but at least you have tried to win the match.

To choose a chicken opponent to compete in addition to choosing a balanced opponent, there is nothing wrong with choosing your opponent by looking for the weakness of the opponent’s chicken, with the hope that your rooster will not experience difficulties even in the hope of winning the match.

You can see how to predict the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent’s chicken, like the following:

– If the advantage of your cock relies on fast hitting from the front and is not good at hitting from the side, then choose a chicken that has a top playing character with characteristics; a sturdy body and a neck in the shape of a figure 7 with a downward curved beak but don’t have round thighs as this is likely to have a good front punch too.

– If your chicken has a character that likes to play up and is not good at hitting tightly and below then avoid chickens that have a straight neck or an r-shaped neck because there is a possibility that the chicken is playing tight and likes to play down.

– If your chicken has the character of playing up and down by hitting and then slashing / sling, then look for an opponent with an r / figure 7-shaped neck with rounded thighs because it is possible that the chicken has a top punch and does not have a dangerous bottom / side punch.

The three methods above are predictions for choosing a match by reading the opponent’s character by predicting the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent’s cock in the hope that your chicken can win the match.